Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hurm..people said that age is only the matter of number..n the number will only stop when u died..huuu..actually i dun really care bout the number..or in other words i hate numbers..it seem that 'we' r not belong together..hahaha

today i had an appointment with a dentist..n unfortunately she makes me realizes how old i am..haha..maybe too old to bring both of your parents to accompanied u to see a dentist.lol

the funny part is she asked which procedure that i prefer for my minor operation..btw it is scary to has an operation just to pull out your teeth right?(actually i will lost 4 of my beloved teeth from the operation)..scaryyy~~

then my answer is.."erm..yg mne ek..jap2 sy tnye mak saye kat lua.."..n the dentist look surprised n immediately asked.."eh..umo awk berape?"...hahaha*i laugh everytime i remember her face expression..sorry doc..im old n i know it.lol*

without further ado..i replied.."erm..22..jap ek"..then i innoncently went out of the room to ask my mother opinion bout the matter..hahaha..

the dentist should know that i am practicing the concept of "mom knows better.."..so better ask mom lah..kannnn..hahaha..but in reality she 'maybe' right..im a big girl now..even eligible enough to get married..haha..but i prefer to 'berkepit bwh ketiak mak lg..ish2..'..besides my eligibility to get married is just according to age..not my cooking skill..hahaha..

im not a girl not yet a woman...
*kanak2 rebina(in my dream jela...berangan nk jd kecik smp ble2..hek2)*


wani brahim said...

apsal sampe 4 btg gigi nih..ko nk wat braces ke.... mmmmmm

iR_ KAMI said...

kenpa x pilih lahir pada 12.12.2012.?

nur salmi said...

wani:tooth fairy nk curik gigi aku smp 4 batang kot..hehe
kami:sbb lmbt sgt nk tgu 2012..i da xsba nk tgk dunia..ngee