Saturday, October 22, 2011

engineering industrial training

Today I went back to my hometown..yet still thinking bout my unfinished final year project..apart from that, my heart 'ask' me to go back since it has been quite a while and i miss my home especially my cute lil niece..^^

OK..back to the original story..haha..actually i wanna share my experiences during my EIT at department of environment(DOE)..

i think EIT is more enjoyable compared to study becoz i dont have to crack my head so much...and i can go to many different places instead of sitting in class listening to lectures..hoho...*lazy mind*so here are few pictures taken during my training^^

-boiler where they boil everything..hehe-

-cyclone where the x-men found their team member.lol-

-crumb rubber..to make tyres..or maybe chewing gum..erk~-

-water sampling..this river already polluted by sand and silts..even fish cant swim here-

-gold mining site...i just saw rocks..haha-

At the end of my training, i have to present the report for all of my site visits and activities...im very thankful to have this opportunity...and for those who havent gone for EIT yet, you may considered DOE as one of your choice since they also giving cash for trainee^^